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Supporting a pluralistic, critical and objective RVE and RSE

This professional learning is designed to support practitioners with developing an understanding of the diversity across the region, thereby supporting schools to deliver objective and pluralistic RVE...

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Professional Learning Calendar 2023/2024

The Professional Learning offer provided by Partneriaeth is now available.

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Partneriaeth - Ffa La La

Take a look at this wonderful film about a highly effective strategy to introduce Welsh in Education from an early age by Partneriaeth and Ffalala. Thank you to everyone for your invaluable contributi...

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Partneriaeth Digital Website

Partneriaeth’s professional learning offer for Digital Learning has been developed to support leaders and practitioners to develop the leadership and strategic planning of Digital Learning and t...

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Prosiect 23: Chwilio’r Chwedl

‘Chwilio’r Chwedl’ made its debut at the Urdd Eisteddfod Maes on June 28th, 2023, welcoming everyone to Llandovery, Carmarthenshire in style. This was a highly unique production that...

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Hanes yr Iaith / History of the Welsh Language Videos

An opportunity to hear about the history of the Welsh language in the company of Professor Mererid Hopwood. There is a series of videos for Welsh medium and bilingual secondary schools and a similar s...

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Video to promote the study of Welsh as an A level subject

This is an opportunity to hear the benefits of studying Welsh as an A level subject from students, teachers and former students as well as hearing about the content of the course in year 12.

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Professional Learning Offer 2023/24

The Professional Learning offer provided by Partneriaeth is now available. Access to the Professional Learning offer is via the green section of this page.

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About Us

Partneriaeth is committed to providing high-quality professional learning and bespoke support to meet the needs of all schools and educational settings across Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Swanse...

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Curriculum for Wales

In order to support schools as they embark on developing and refining their curricula the Partneriaeth curriculum team has developed a five step cyclical model that can be used as a reference guide. I...

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This area stores copies of the weekly Partneriaeth newsletter. Newsletter are accessed via the green section of this page. To be added to the newsletter mailing list please register here. Click here f...

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National Professional Learning Programme - Cross regional

Overview of the new Curriculum for Wales national professional learning programme 2022 2023. Includes full details of all modules, dates and links to attend live sessions. The national CfW P...